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Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders is cutting-edge online 360 feedback profile that combines the detail of a typical 360 profile with the simplicity and power of DiSC. Everything DiSC® for Leaders isn’t just any 360 but a dynamic 360-degree feedback tool plus 3 personalized strategies for leaders to put into action immediately—a 360 + 3!

The richness of Everything DiSC® comes together with the research-based  8 Dimensions of Leadership framework to help any leader—emerging high-potentials and experienced executives alike—incorporate critical feedback from direct reports, peers, and bosses into a development plan to increase their effectiveness in a leadership role.

Traditionally 360˚ feedback tools are extremely time consuming and can create uncomfortable situations in the workplace. Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders minimizes these problems with its clear visuals and conversational style. This makes the profile easy to use and understand. Our revolutionary approach to the 360 feedback profile includes the use of CommentSmart, DiSC’s exclusive selectable comments feature where raters choose from pre-written, fully validated comments. This allows your raters to provide feedback that’s reliable, balanced, and constructive. We’ve worked hard to only include comments that avoid negativity but provide detailed feedback that is both useful and actionable.

Everything DiSC 363 Assessment Profile

  • 22+ pages focused on the leader
  • Easy to read visual report elements
  • Rich feedback and data breakdowns
  • Organized, comprehensive listing of rater comments
  • 3 core strategies for improving a leader’s effectiveness
  • An unlimited number of raters can be engaged in this 360-feedback process
  • Anticipates rater feedback from Manager, Peers, Direct Reports and Other (customizable)



363 for Leaders Preview Video

The Feedback/Workshop

Unlike other Everything DiSC sessions which are conducted in workshops, the Everything DiSC 363 assessment is typically delivered in one on one conversation between the leader and an executive coach from our organization. However,  workshops can be customized for any organization, if delivery to groups of leaders is anticipated.

The Assessment Profile Follow Up Tools

363 Coaching Supplement

In addition to the 360 feedback profile, every customer gets a complimentary 363 Coaching Supplement that provides an overview of the leader’s performance scores along with their DiSC behavioral style.  It includes an analysis of both Unexpected and Expected Strengths as well as Expected and Unexpected Challenges in the context of the leader’s DiSC style.

Ready to Improve Leadership Impact?

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders is great feedback profile for anyone regardless of profession or skill level. If you or your organization is interested in using a 360˚ profile to generate feedback as part of leadership development, consider trying our exciting new approach to 360˚ feedback. Contact us today.

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