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Gallup has studied performance at hundreds of organizations and measured the engagement of 27 million employees and more than 2.5 million work units over the past two decades. They estimate Managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores across business units for all industries,  What would it take for that variance to be positive?

Managing effectively means moving from a “one size fits all” management approach to providing direction, motivation, and development in a way that aligns with each individual.

The most successful managers read the needs of their employees and adapt their style accordingly. These are important skills that can be developed with the Everything DiSC® Management Profile and Workshop.

Managers first learn about their own management preferences. Next, Everything DiSC Management teaches managers how to understand how each DiSC style likes to work, what motivates them, and how to identify the areas where the people they manage have strong potential as well as areas where they may face obstacles.

The Everything DiSC Management Profile teaches managers how to work with their own manager by providing insights for understanding their manager’s priorities and preferences. The report also provides information on dealing with conflict with their manager. Everything DiSC Management is the most in-depth and easily customizable DiSC-based management-training solution available. Management-specific, personalized content creates an in-depth learning experience.

The Assessment Profile


In-depth, research-validated online assessment and management task-specific report focuses on:

  • Your DiSC Management Style
  • Directing and Delegating
  • Improving Employee Motivations
  • Employee Development
  • Working with Your Own Manager

The Workshop

Understanding your Team’s Needs

Understanding Your Team’s Needs Workshop uses the Everything DiSC Management profile through workshop style training with

  • Online pre-work
  • Engaging facilitation with contemporary video
  • Online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience.

Participants come to understand and appreciate their own management behavior style and the styles of their employees and their boss. The result is more effective and productive relationships and greater success for your organization.  This workshop is full of those “ah-ha” moments for managers (experienced and new alike) where they realize incredible insight into themselves and the workplace.


The Assessment Profile Follow Up Tools


Build better relationships and make training stick! These 11-page research-validated follow-up reports can be created and personalized for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences. Works for all Everything DiSC assessments and programs, including Sales, Management, Workplace and Work of Leaders, allowing you to create reports for coworkers or for managers with their direct reports. And participants get unlimited access through our firm— at no additional charge for workshop participants.


Helps you determine the group’s DiSC culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking.


Provides an at-a-glance view of any group of respondents and their individual Everything DiSC maps. No limit to the number of respondents included in the report.  Unlimited access with all Everything DiSC profiles at no charge. Works for all Everything DiSC assessments and programs, including Sales, Management, Workplace and Work of Leaders, allowing you to create reports for coworkers or for managers with their direct reports.

Ready to improve your team relationships while strengthening your leadership?

To discuss how the Everything DiSC Management program will help your management team understand themselves and each other better, and how they can translate this into increased success and stronger management of people, contact us today.

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