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Are you looking to finally DO that something big you’ve thought about or maybe talked about? Do you REALLY want to take your leadership to the next level? If your “why” is strong enough, Donna believes that coaching provides accountability and support that will help you make even your wildest dreams a reality. Individual or group coaching could be just what you need! Group coaching creates a powerful and non-judgmental mastermind space where best practices and incredible community can be created, especially for women. Individual coaching gives you more personalized, one on one attention. Check the FAQ’s below to learn more!

Donna’s Coaching FAQ

How is group coaching different from team coaching?

Group coaching is for individuals who share a common interest or challenge. Team coaching is for people who are working together to achieve a common goal. If you are interested in team coaching, please look at The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team information.

Does Donna provide group coaching for companies or organizations?

Yes. Donna offers group coaching to reinforce a new skill, sustain a change or accelerate a result. Group coaching is also a great format for doing a deeper dive on “gender smart” leadership development for women because it provides a safe environment for skill practice. It can be added onto a workshop or incorporated into a leadership development program.

What types of group coaching does donna offer for women?

Donna offers several types of group coaching programs that are by invitation and involve an application process. There are 6 or 12 week, 6 or 12 month groups that start periodically. Durations typically depend on desired outcomes.

6 or 12 Week Redefining Wealth for Women Coaching Intensive Groups
Getting Started: Networking, Community and Co-Creating the Alliance
Middle MORE Sessions: Creating Your 5 Simple Steps to Live With MORE

M – Manifesting Your Authentic Self/ Money Mastery
O — Optimizing Wellness/Mind, Body, Spirit
R – Revitalizing Relationships with Family, Friends and Tribes
E—Elevate Engagement with Strengths, Purpose and Flow

Closing session: Celebration and Continuity

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6 or 12 Month MASTERMIND Groups
Mastermind groups involve a facilitated process that follows a set agenda and is recorded for future reference. Groups meet on an agreed upon day and time, in person or virtually, to discuss progress, obstacles, requests for input or support, and commitments. Mastermind participants alternate actively take on every role
(Hot Seat, Timer, Facilitator, Notetaker)

Getting Started: Networking, Community, Co-Creating the Alliance.
Middle Sessions: “hot seat” coaching, support, celebration and accountability updates, each one teach one
Closing session: Celebration and Continuity

Why choose group coaching?

You will have an opportunity to share your successes, talents and opportunities. You will find energy and support to overcome your fears and manage challenges. Groups help you focus on the most important things first. And, you can receive ongoing support and accountability from a shared private Facebook page unique to your group.

Why individual coaching?

If group coaching just isn’t for you, and you prefer an intimate one on one relationship, Donna takes on a very limited number of individual coaching clients. Donna’s primary focus is emerging or high potential/high capacity women leaders. She collaborates closely with other experienced certified coaches and can make referrals if she is not currently accepting any new individual clients.

Why choose Donna as a coach?

Donna received her PLCC certification from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. She has over 25 years of professional experience coaching individuals, executives and teams.

How can I talk to Donna about coaching?

Go to the contact Donna button and in your message, share some background on what you’d like from coaching. She will be in touch!

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