Keynotes That Deliver Lasting Impact

From conferences to corporate-wide meetings, mixed gender audiences to women-only forums, Donna’s keynotes are customized to fit your needs and deliver a lasting impact for your organization. Donna inspires people to take action! Her exceptional facilitation skills (and humor) captivate audiences. Her goal is to create memorable, provocative, and transformational experiences.

Donna’s Keynote FAQ

What are some examples of Keynote topics?

Keynote Title: Women In Leadership THE Secret to Business Growth and Success

Are you looking for ways to grow the business?

A Huffington Post article posted in Jan 2016 stated, “companies with strong women leadership perform better. How much better? Companies that had strong female leadership generated a return on equity of 10.1 percent per year vs. 7.4 percent for those without.”

There is a strong business case for businesses to increase the number of women in leadership. Using the latest research findings and interactive examples, Donna helps both male and female audiences understand how to make the business more successful by having more women succeed and stay in leadership. You will learn:

  • What makes women interested in leadership positions and why women say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to leadership roles
  • Research/statistics/strategies on how women leaders make business more profitable
  • How to attract and retain women in leadership positions hint: think like a woman
  • The unique leadership development that women leaders are seeking and how to provide it
  • Why having a higher percentage of women leaders increases the female client base
  • The differences between how men and women lead and how both ways have value and need to be integrated for ultimate success


Redefining Wealth for Women

As a woman, you are unique and have a distinct way of how you view money, life and success. Have you ever wondered what’s missing?

Having M.O.R.E. in your life isn’t about having more money or a bigger house. It’s about understanding true wealth and recognizing a life filled with joy, peace, and fulfillment brings you so much more contentment and security than money ever can.

In this interactive keynote, Donna takes women through a journey to help them redefine their true wealth. Topics covered include:

  • How to define wealth in a way that works for you
  • How to align your wealth approach with your values for greater ease in your decision-making
  • How to leverage the M.O.R.E. model to achieve true wealth: joy, fulfillment and love
  • What is holding you back from achieving M.O.R.E. wealth
  • How wealth building is the key to helping others and changing the world
  • How wealth and leadership are intrinsically linked and how to develop the skills to excel at both
  • Success stories of women who have redefined wealth for themselves and are making bigger impacts in their lives, their families, their work, their communities and their charities
Why do people choose Donna as their keynote speaker?

Donna Schumell is an expert in women in leadership and wealth for women.
For over 25 years she has helped companies to grow by focusing on the unique strengths and gifts of women. Her background includes being a highly successful leader in the legal industry as a tax lawyer and estate planner.. Donna’s research into women’s wealth and leadership provides strategies, tools and tactics that are specifically designed to accelerate the wealth, joy and happiness as well as extraordinary leadership development for women. She delights and engages audiences with rich content and unforgettable stories!

What can I expect during a keynote from Donna?

Inspiration and impact, learning and laughter!

How long does a keynote from Donna last?

Typically, 30 to 60 minutes.

How does Donna ensure keynotes have meaningful impact for my business?

One of her first questions to you will be “what do you want your audience to do or think about differently as a result of this session?” Donna is action oriented and values measurable impact.

How can I book a keynote with Donna?

Click the contact Donna button. She would love to have more conversation to determine if she is a good fit for your needs!

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