Musicians Let Their Inside Out!

Matt Schroeder says, “I love to play guitar. In the words of Janis Joplin, everything else is just waiting.”

Matthew Schroeder Muscian playing guitarWe spent a glorious evening listening to Matt Schroeder, an accomplished guitarist on the faculty of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. So many of us struggle to find our true purpose in the world, to let who we are on the inside be consistent with who we let the world see on the outside. Hearing live music played by a passionate artist is a direct glimpse into the inside of a human soul. Matt plays fingerstyle, which you have to see to believe. See his hands? Seeing and hearing is spectacular!

During the concert, Matt played Billy McGlaughlin’s Helm’s Place, The Allman Brother’s Little Martha and Michael Hedges Rickover’s Dream. Even though I don’t know Matt personally, his spirit and mine have danced!  There is something about sharing the performance of live music that connects our very beings.  You can feel his joy throughout, but certainly, at the end of each song.


Matthew Schroeder muscianMy profession requires frequent travel and speaking in front of audiences.  To keep myself sane and prepared, I follow rituals to get mentally and physically ready to deliver to the groups that engage me.  Music fires me up and get’s my energy and juices flowing before I get in front of audience.  Equally important, following engagements, especially on the plane ride home, music restores my soul and grounds me.  It’s quite a coincidence that these three songs, Helm’s Place, Little Martha and Rickover’s Dream are part of my “going home” playlist that calm me down and reconnect me with all that’s right with the world.  Matt is not only gifted at playing works of these other musicians, but is an artist in his own right.  He played “Signal” from his CD of the same name.  Bliss!

If you live in the Midwest, I encourage you to check out his work, and maybe a performance:  Thanks Matt, for letting your inside out!

Donna Schumell

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