Milwaukee Race for Cure 2012

Race for the Cure

Despite an unusually cold and frosty September morning, 1000’s of breast cancer survivors, friends and families gathered to celebrate life and race for a cure. My close friend, cheerleader, and marketing genius, Amy, had agreed to run with me. I had really been looking forward to some “uninterrupted” Amy time while we navigated the 5k together. Selfishly, I didn’t even tell any other friends or family of my intention to participate. It would be only Amy and I, or so I thought. A 6 am text confirmed that a nasty flu had taken Amy out of contention and she would not be able to race. A stark reminder life doesn’t always go as we plan…

Donna Schumell at Race for CureThere was a moment of indecision as I considered whether or not to go it alone. Tying my running shoes and throwing on the pink survivor t-shirt, I headed to the race. What a glorious day—bright sunshine and that beautiful blue sky that only happens in the fall. I learned quickly, at Komen there is no such thing as going it alone! Survivors, friends and family greeted each other, shared stories, met new friends, and cheered each other (and me) on. Women who had survived 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years paraded across the Art Museum bridge at the Milwaukee Lakefront. What a rush to celebrate the survival of so many sisters!

39 minutes later after the gun, I crossed the finish line and was greeted with a pink rose by a firefighter. Although I am not much of a flower girl, it choked me up. What a blessing to still be in the race. Not being a big fan of public display of emotion, I was glad my free pink sunglasses covered the sudden teary rush. Thanks to all who participated AND volunteered. Each day brings us all closer to the cure!

Donna Schumell

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