Thanksgiving in Wisconsin

An Intentional Thanksgiving

So you survived Halloween and an election, but are you ready for Thanksgiving? As a person who loves to eat, there are not too many holidays that rank higher. Luckily, this US centric holiday typically finds me at home—few corporate events occur during Thanksgiving week.

What are your traditions? Do you dread them or give thanks? Although it can be gratifying to gather everyone together, it can be stressful as well. Focus on and truly enjoy those things you love the most. Maybe it’s the food, possibly the football games, or just spending time with a close friend or relative that you only get to see at holidays. Delight in the good instead of focusing on what is missing, what could happen or recalling something horrible that happened in a previous year. The mind body connection is strong. Don’t let negative thoughts spoil your gratitude. Walk away from any conversations that take a mean spirited or gossipy turn. Be intentional about protecting the wealth in your relationships!

In Wisconsin, the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving are also deer hunting weekends. Most often, the men take to the woods. With the men away, stores in our area go crazy with bargain shopping opportunities designed especially for women. And of course, there are the unbelievable stories of Black Friday events—the crazy Friday after Thanksgiving that captures so much media attention. There can be significant temptation associated with spending. Shop prudently or consider resisting the media blitz—do something you wouldn’t normally do—maybe even something that doesn’t cost money. Be intentional about the choices you make with your financial wealth.

This year, my husband and I are doing something we don’t normally do. We will travel away from the traditional extended family gathering to spend Thanksgiving with our son in Boston. No cooking for us this year—I am pretty sure we will be in a restaurant—heresy! But, as much as I love the food, it’s all about family fun for me. Most of our memories are made by treasuring WHO we spent time with, not so much WHAT we spend time doing. We can’t hardly wait!

I wish you a blessed, grateful and abundant Thanksgiving—one filled with health, safe travels and intentional wealth.

Donna Schumell

As a top producing wealth management expert, consultant and coach, Donna has helped thousands of people globally harness the philosophical power of purpose to energize exceptional business and family outcomes by understanding the values that drive each client's unique wealth circumstances.

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