When It Comes To Loving

You Want To Love More Extravagantly

When you love extravagantly, you create a lasting impact. You know that love reaches beyond your family and close friends. Love lights up every aspect of your life and work. Loving extravagantly focuses your purpose and heightens your passion. How will you break free from a busy life, dominated by repetition and habit? Make a plan! Be intentional about leading a generous life filled with gratitude. Extravagant love finds its way back to you in so many surprising ways.

…but you aren’t sure how to love more extravagantly. In fact, you aren’t even sure what it means.

You Know It’s Time For More Love

Because You Know Love Has Infinite and Eternal Impact

You know that it’s easy to get caught up in your own circumstances, in the hurry, flurry and worry of everyday life. How can you embrace abundance in a world where scarcity and competition confront you on a daily basis? Does fear of “what if’s” hold you captive? You have a wealth of love inside that has the capacity to bless you and so many others. It’s time to let that well of love flow like a river. You crave a generous life overflowing with gratitude. You want to make a difference on your own terms with your money, your talent, and your influence. 

Redefine wealth by joining others in loving extravagantly


63 million individuals volunteer annually, including 26% of all adults, on average giving 233 hours per year for a total time of 8.1 billion hours of volunteering.


Donations from America's individuals, estates, foundations and corporations reached an estimated $373.25 billion in 2015, setting a record for the second year in a row.


It is estimated that total charitable contributions will total between $21.2 and $55.4 trillion in between 1998-2052.

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

Start Loving More Capably With These 4 Steps:


abundance with authenticity and ease.


harmony between your mind, body and spirit.


connections to your unique purpose and destiny.


generosity and gratitude and find your flow.

How can donna help you, your leaders, your teams and your clients redefine wealth by loving more extravagantly?

From customized keynotes and workshops to personalized coaching, Donna’s services will help you redefine wealth and start loving more extravagantly.

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