Workshops That Deliver Results

Donna inspires people to take action! Her exceptional facilitation skills (and humor) captivate audiences. Her goal is to create memorable, provocative, and transformational experiences.

Interactive workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person, and as ½ day/full day workshops or multi-session development programs. For an even more powerful impact, supplement workshops with group/individual coaching.

Donna’s Leadership Workshops FAQ

What are some examples of leadership topics?

Donna’s proprietary M.O.R.E. framework for Leading consists of four separate and distinct workshops designed to help you lead others with more impact and drive more dramatic results. And not just revenue results – as the leader, you can impact communication, collaboration and conflict management skills that touch every person on your team. You can help lower stress, increase engagement and bring out each team member’s full potential. You can improve business outcomes, and change lives. You’ll feel fulfillment in your life like never before – and so will your team!

M – Manifest Your True Self
O – Optimize Communication
R – Revitalize Your Energy
E – Exude Confidence Like Only a Woman Can

Workshop Topic: Manifest Your True Self

With M.O.R.E. self-awareness, you make better decisions and act in harmony with your core values. You lead from a wealth of authenticity, freeing yourself from fears and limiting beliefs. Manifest the best of you, your true self! Key topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Reclaim Your Natural Leadership Identity – align your gender identity and leadership identity
  • Unbelievable Brains, Biology and Beliefs – tame your internal enemies while strengthening your internal advocates
  • Harness Happiness, Find Flow – identify and increase usage of your natural strengths
  • Exceptional Leader Formula (SHE-Q = MQ + EQ + PQ) – developing moral and emotional intelligence
  • Everyday Resilience—reframing “failure” to fuel forward action and defeat false fears

Workshop Topic: Optimize Communication

Optimize communication, and build more powerful connections. This workshop will help you project M.O.R.E. of your unique female presence:

  • Power Presentation Secrets – master the before, during and after of presenting powerfully
  • Escalating Your Executive Presence – understand three core elements of EP and how men and women differ
  • Everyday Negotiation – equip women with strategies and tactics to navigate informal negotiations and recognize opportunities to advocate for themselves
  • Feed-Forward, Feedback – learn the art of seeking and providing feedback focused on a future that can be influenced/changed, rather than on an unchangeable past
  • Constructive Conversations – utilize three different levels of listening to create a safe environment to stay curious and away from judgment
  • Creating Professional Advocacy Network – build a visual network map of people (opportunities, buyers, influencers, resources, helpers, hinderers, etc.) who are important to realizing a particular goal/vision
  • The “Trust” Formula – secrets to building and strengthening trusted relationships
  • Your Mentors or Sponsors, How’s a Girl to Choose? – understanding, engaging and attracting the right type of relationships with the right people

Workshop Topic: Revitalize Your Energy

Leading more capably also means revitalizing your energy and accountability with others. This workshop will help you find M.O.R.E. time in your “Wonder Woman” zone.

  • Time Management – find hidden capacity and myth-bust multitasking
  • Recovery and Renewal – master the essentials of energy management

Workshop Topic:  Elevate Engagement

  • Finding Flow:  Align your natural strengths with challenging work for greater impact and satisfaction
  • Creating Life/Work Coherence:  Connect the dots and integrate what’s most important in work and life—be more content, find more true happiness

Workshop Topic: Exude Confidence Like Only a Woman Can

Leading more capably results in an elevated sense of charisma and confidence. This workshop will teach you how to experience M.O.R.E. influence and impact.

  • Confidence 101 –How to control automatic negative thoughts by powering up with actionable positivity
  • Confidence 202 – How to choose an optimistic, confident identity and mindset when facing fear triggers
What is the Redefining Wealth for Women workshop?

For women who lead themselves, in their families, in their communities or in their business. This workshop will help you find your unique purpose and grow into your full potential. Applying Donna’s proprietary M.O.R.E. framework, this program will help you live with MORE happiness, health and wealth.

  • What Does M.O.R.E. Wealth Mean For You?
    •  Manifest Money Mastery (Live, Save, Give)
    •  Optimize Connections (Friend, Family, Tribes)
    •  Revitalize Core Energies (Mind, Body, Spirit)
    •  Elevate Engagement (Strength, Work, Flow)
  • 5 Simple Steps to Live With M.O.R.E.
    • Step 1: Know Where Am I Today
    • Step 2: Move Onto What Excellent Looks Like
    • Step 3: Map My Action Plan
    • Step 4: Track Action Progress
    • Step 5 Check Alignment Problems
  • From Knowing To Doing
Why do people choose Donna to lead their workshops?

Experience (25 years industry leader and consultant), Education (teacher, attorney, certified coach), Entertainment (she’s fun)!

How does Donna ensure her workshops have meaningful impact for my business?

With a strong adult learning and performance improvement background, Donna will work with you to define success metrics that align with your desired outcomes.

How many people can attend a workshop?

Donna has worked with small mastermind type audiences to workshops that include 100 people. It depends on you!

Does Donna offer remote workshops?

Yes! Although some topics are better in person, virtual delivery is an option.

How can I book a workshop with Donna?

Click on the contact Donna button. She would love to have more conversation to determine if she is a good fit for your needs!

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